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Internal Messages

The NineData internal messaging feature is used to send internal messages, including approval flows, product update notifications, and more.

Function Introduction

Internal messages are usually used in the following ways:

  • Task approval flow notification: In the internal approval process of an enterprise, each level of approver can receive real-time approval task notifications through internal messages and provide feedback on the approval result to the applicant.
  • Product update release (to be supported later): Publish contents such as platform new functions online, product changes, and product notifications, to help users understand the dynamics of the NineData platform in a timely manner.
  • Operation notice (to be supported later): Feedback on the running status and abnormal situations of tasks, such as task failure, exceeding the time threshold, etc. Users can understand these abnormal situations in time through internal messages and take corresponding measures.
  • Financial-related (to be supported later): Send notifications of fund changes in the current NineData account, such as bills, automatic deduction, etc.
  • Event notification (to be supported later): Send notifications of NineData platform product events, promotions, etc.

The operation functions of internal messages include viewing and deleting messages. You can conveniently view and manage your internal messages through the internal messaging interface.



  1. Log in to the NineData Console.

  2. Click > on the left navigation bar to open the page. You can also hover your mouse over the bell icon at the top of the page (message) and click on .


    Internal messages are divided into two types: and .

    • : Types of internal messages that need your attention, such as approval tasks, task execution, etc.
    • : Types of internal messages that are for viewing only, such as new function releases, event notifications, etc.

    You can perform the following operations:

View internal messagesClick on the target internal message or click on on its right to open the details of the notification. You can perform operations such as approval and reading information on the detail page.
Note: You can quickly locate the internal messages by clicking on the , , tabs in the upper right corner of the page. You can also search for the target internal message by fuzzy search of the content of the internal message.
Delete internal messagesYou can delete internal messages that you no longer need to follow. Click the checkbox on the left of the target internal message, and click in the upper left corner of the page. In the pop-up confirmation window, click .
Note: You can select multiple internal messages for batch deletion.
Mark as readIf you have unread internal messages, they will be continuously reminded by a red dot (new_message) above the console. You can read internal messages one by one, or mark them as read to remove the red dot. The batch method for marking internal messages as read is as follows:
  • Method 1: Move the mouse to the bell on the top of the page and click .
  • Method 2: Select the checkbox on the left of all unread internal messages on the page, click , or directly move the mouse to without selecting anything, and click .