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Introduction to Dedicated Cluster

In addition to providing SaaS services, NineData also offers dedicated cluster functionality for users with high security requirements.


The dedicated cluster mode of NineData is a service form that privatizes the NineData service. Compared to the SaaS mode of NineData service, the entire service will be established within a user-provided server cluster, ensuring data remains within the dedicated cluster. All data flow occurs within the dedicated cluster environment, making it suitable for users with high security and compliance requirements.

Functional Architecture



  • Network Isolation: The network environment of the NineData dedicated cluster is independent of other environments, including NineData's public cloud. Data sources within the dedicated cluster cannot be directly accessed. However, interaction with the servers in the dedicated cluster, such as task configuration and status information, can be performed through the NineData console without involving any user data.
  • High Availability: When the number of hosts in the dedicated cluster is greater than 1, it supports high availability of tasks within the cluster. If any node becomes abnormal, all tasks in that node are automatically transferred to healthy nodes for execution.
  • Task Scheduling: When the number of hosts in the dedicated cluster is greater than 1, the system automatically assesses the status of each node and intelligently schedules tasks to nodes with lower utilization.
  • Data Security: Supports high-security authentication mechanisms between the cluster and data sources, as well as data encryption during transmission.
  • Operational Capability: Provides functions such as host status monitoring, abnormal alarms, and supports operations such as adding or removing hosts from existing clusters.

Deployment Guide

To deploy the NineData dedicated cluster, please ensure you meet the following requirements and then refer to the deployment guide to start the deployment process.

  • Have obtained the NineData dedicated cluster installation package (NiUP). You can contact customer service through the services icon at the bottom right corner of the NineData console.
  • Have two or more servers installed with Linux CentOS 7 operating system.
  • In a multi-server scenario, ensure network connectivity between the servers.